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Ilya Kaminsky & Kathryn Farris despre poezia română contemporană

Ilya Kaminsky & Kathryn Farris scriu despre Of Gentle Wolves, antologia de poezie română contemporană a lui Martin Woodside, în Web del Sol Review of Books. (Despre Of Gentle Wolves a mai scris şi Parrish Lantern.)
Bineînţeles, m-a bucurat mult fraza despre mine ("one of my favorite poets of younger generation, Radu Vancu"), Ilya Kaminsky fiind şi el, cum am scris deja în diverse contexte, unul dintre americanii mei preferaţi şi unul dintre cei mai influenţi poeţi tineri din State (s-a vorbit prea puţin în România despre Dansând în Odessa, volumul apărut în 2007 la Vinea în traducerea excelentă a lui Chris Tanasescu). Dar mai ales m-au bucurat cuvintele lui elogioase la adresa poeziei române contemporane în general, cu atât mai mult cu cât Kaminsky nu-i genul care să spună laude de circumstanţă: 

"reading this anthology one can't help but think about the rich multiplicity of stylistic innovation going on right now in contemporary Romanian poetry. And, I found myself, again and again marveling at how, despite all the innovation, the Romanians included in this book are able to retain a sense of spiritual urgency in their work. This seems particularly relevant, I believe, for the North American reader. Today in the United States we seem to have no shortage of innovation--new styles are tried and re-tried by the day, even by the hour, and our poets prize highly the ability to do something else, 'something new.' But I wonder if we misunderstood Pound, and took his proposal to "make it new" too narrowly. What one sees in North American poetry is a lot of "new" material that is utterly boring, lifeless, much stylistic variation with very little soul involved, very little at stake. The "new" Pound wanted us to deliver was "fresh." Much of what is delivered, however, is like engineering: curious structures, but no color, no senses. This does not have to be the case, and contemporary Romanian poets are an excellent example in how to avoid such a shortcoming."

Pe scurt: bravos, naţiune poetică! :)

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Parrish Lantern 16 ianuarie 2012, 21:20  

that was not only a great review but, a great statement on poetry, especially how your nations poetry goes beyond innovation, making it fresh & vibrant.

Radu Vancu 16 ianuarie 2012, 21:57  

Indeed - and coming from Kaminsky, it's a hell of a praise :)

Yigru Zeltil 31 ianuarie 2012, 13:37  

Pretty cool selection.
This reminds me yet again that we lack a competent anthology of contemporary American poetry. The last one, which was published by Cartea Romaneasca a few years ago, left me mixed impressions: many poets that are impressive and original in the department of style, yet the content... don't know to say this, maybe it's the small number of poems in the case of each poet that makes it seem most of them don't have personality. But this is just my impression.

Radu Vancu 31 ianuarie 2012, 14:28  

There was a good discussion on this topic on Claudiu Komartin's blog

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