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Summa ethilica. "The correct path to follow"

Aşa cum am mai scris, a apărut anul acesta în State o antologie de poezie română numită Of Gentle Wolves. Despre realizator şi traducător, poetul Martin Woodside, spuneam că tinde să devină noul Adam Sorkin - adică un fel de traducător oficial al poeziei române contemporane; ei bine, cred că deja a ajuns acolo - Dan Coman mi-a spus că, în Slovenia, organizatorii festivalului utilizau pentru poeţii români traducerile lui M.W.
Pomenesc iar antologia pentru că a apărut în Parrish Lantern o cronică bună, cu un comentariu la Summa ethilica (un text dintr-un precambrian al vieţii mele) care m-a binedispus ceva de groază. :)

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Valeriu Gherghel 8 octombrie 2011, 13:34  

Ca si poeziile, ca si betzia insasi, scrierile teologice (inclusiv Summa theologiae a batranului Thoma) impun, desigur, necesitatea unei ”summa ethilica”.

Ma bucur pentru cronica...

Radu Vancu 8 octombrie 2011, 23:15  

Ce spuneţi mai sus sună ca un citat din marele mistic Venecika Erofeev! :)

parrish lantern 9 octombrie 2011, 14:35  

Summa ethilica was one of my favourite poems in this anthology and my understanding of it was a combination of the translators notes and Romanian history.would love to hear your opinion, in fact would would be interested in adding it to the post, as with all translation, not all is communicated, even this I'm reading through Google's translation service & trying to comprehend your viewpoint.

parrish lantern 9 octombrie 2011, 17:32  

PS. Will add this site as a link on the post

Radu Vancu 9 octombrie 2011, 17:32  

I'm glad you liked "Summa ethilica", of course, yet what really thrilled me was your interest in Romanian poetry. It's quite refreshing to find a good reader paying careful attention to the English versions of poems written in an exotic Latin language. :)
In what regards your understanding of the poem - it is obviously plausible, even though I think I didn't intend to give it such an ambitious political dimension (at least as far as I remember - as the poem was written during my most ethylical years, while in present days I'm an active non-alcoholic activist. :) )

Radu Vancu 9 octombrie 2011, 17:42  

Erratum: "a passive non-alcoholic activist", of course :)

parrish lantern 9 octombrie 2011, 18:24  

One of my favourite favourite books of poetry was and is my battered old copy of, Child Of Europe A new anthology of East European Europe, with poets such as, Novica Tadic,Ioana Craciunescu, Boyko Lambovski, this book introduced me to world of poetry I didn't know - hidden, So when Of Gentle Wolves was offered to me to write about, I jumped both hands held open to grab it & was enamoured by the poetry there.

As to your non-alcoholic passive activist, that almost covers me nowadays, although I'm still fond of a glass or so of malt whisky.

Radu Vancu 9 octombrie 2011, 20:59  

Oh, the fondness is still there for me, it's only the practice that's missing :)
Speaking of battered copies - after the collapse of the communist regimes Forest Books & UNESCO Publishing published a series of anthology titled "Young poets of a new Poland", "Young poets of Germany" and so on. You probably know them. Very good selections, and the translations also seem good. So that for me the battered bluish cover of the Polish anthology is an objective correlative for contemporary Polish poetry. :)
It'd be really good if some visible publishing house would do the same with the poetry written during the last 20-30 years in the same countries.

parrish lantern 9 octombrie 2011, 22:18  

would be wonderful if the same publishing house, that did, Of Gentle Wolves, got on the case I know they've published one with the poetry of Anna Swir. would you mind if I transferred this conversation over to my blog, as it has a lot of merit that would tie with my attempt to promote translated poetry, not just the same old same old. will wait for a response, multumesc.

Radu Vancu 9 octombrie 2011, 23:54  

Of course you can transfer it from my blog to yours - it's your conversation too, after all :)
Such attempts of promoting poetry are of much value, they give me a modicum of trust that not everything is lost, after all. Mulţumesc to you too :)

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